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Exceptional customer service starts at The Big Lot Car Credit. Our customers are always the No.1 priority and we strive to exceed expectations. So what is it like to shop at The Big Lot Car Credit? There is no one better qualified to answer that question than our customers.

Here you will find reviews from The Big Lot Car Credit customers, many of whom have been shopping with us for many years.

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Anita Benz 14 Dec 2016
I was satisfied with the car I bought from Big Lot Car.
5 rate
Brook Kavanaugh 09 Jun 2016
Best Experience. Big Lot Car Credit was very professional and answered all my questions so I could make the best decision on buying a used truck. I would strongly recommend Big Lot Car Credit to anyone who wants a great deal on a used car without the pressure you normally find with other dealers.
5 rate
Bradley conner 30 Nov 2015
if u need a car great to place to buy from .I got I Chrysler 300 in it run really good................................................great
5 rate
onehappyfam 13 Nov 2015
We have been looking for a good deal on a new car for our family for what seemed like forever. Every place we went to seemed to give us the run around. We don't have the best credit but we are good people and all the other dealers we went to first didn't seem to care about what we wanted, they just ...wanted to sell us a car. Finally, and thankfully, we stopped at The Big Lot. From the time we stepped on the lot until the time we left, we were met with smiles and felt like everyone really was there to help! ALL the cars on this lot are NICE! They were all newer cars and all of them had a warranty. We never thought we would end up with a car as nice as we got and our payments actually came in a little bit under what we had budgeted. I cant thank the staff enough for how they welcomed us and took care of us! We will always refer our friends and family to The Big Lot!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Show more
5 rate
Haley 13 Nov 2015
I purchased a 2013 Ford Fusion from the Big Lot and absolutely Love it - The staff at the Big Lot went over and above to make me feel welcome and help me find a car in my budget. I would ABSOULTELY recommend them to anyone looking for a good reliable used car!!!
5 rate
Sean 06 Nov 2015
Rick was very knowledgeable and helpful. I would recommend him and the dealership to everyone I know.
5 rate
Mary R. 08 Nov 2017
I purchased a 2014 Fusion from this lot sometime ago and I can honestly say it was easily one of the smoothest transactions I've ever made. As a vetearn car buyer, I know the process can seem drawn out and heavy, but the staff was incredible! I believe the one who helped me seal the deal was a kid f...resh out of college, who went by the name Mark or Marcus. He was incredible! Most of the previous cars I've purchased were one time cash payments, so I was worried about my credit when going into Big Lot, but this young man helped ease all my worries and had me paired with my new Fusion within a week, and I can honestly say I do not have any complaints! If you're searching for a new car and easy going staff, Big Lot is definitely the place to go! Show more
5 rate
Sarah 20 Feb 2017
I'm a single mother and had a really rough last year, I had gotten a repo last June and they were still willing to help me out and I left the same day with a great car and reasonable payments. Thank u to Shane for getting us into a dependable car!!
5 rate
Michael Bell 26 Jun 2017
I Thank Big lots car credit for having a car that ran well, and did not let me down, It's still running very good to this day. Thank you. Very Happy.
5 rate
Impala. Chevrolet impala 26 Jun 2017
I like the first car of my choice, I am very happy with the car that I'm buying, overall real good car . I'm happy, Thank you.
5 rate
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